• Champions Trophy - individual event
  • National Finals - team event

    Online National Finals

    Click here for ChessPower National Finals

    If you can logon in, click on "Connect Profile"

    Otherwise click on the button "I can't sign in"

    Then enter the code supplied by your teacher supervisor

    Important things

    Today's Practice on Tornelo

    Today's practice is finished. If you still need help text or phone Wayne on 021669768

    Champions Trophy

    TODAY is last day for LATE ENTRY to the Champions Tropy event on Sunday.

    Contact Wayne McDougall if you want to register and need help

    If you require transport to the in-person Champions Trophy on Sunday please please let me know

    If you would like Wayne McDougall to stay on-site providing support and supervision on SUNDAY for gthe Champions Trophyplease please let me know. I will be there on Saturday.

    Information About the Champions Trophy

    Helpful Advice

    See below

    ChessPower National Finals

    Welcome Letter

    Carefully read through these letters. They contain important information and requirements you must meet.

    Team members playing in person

    Online team members


    If you are sick now, even if you think you can play Saturday, let me know now so I can have a reserve player standing by. If you wake up sick on Saturday let me know my text immediately to 021669768. Doesn't matter what time.

    Because this is a team event, it's important to know if you cannot be part of the team

    We do not want anyone sick or infectious as part of the team


    Go to bed early Friday and Saturday nights. Don't stay up late playing chess online. It will make your play worse.

    I'm responsible for 5 teams at the ChessPower National Finals. This webpage is to keep you informed about the National Finals and the Champions Trophy. Please update me if your status changes.

    You should all be getting in as much practice as you can. Especially with time controls of 15 minutes and no increment


    Wayne McDougall will be onsite all day Saturday


    You will only play people in your own division. Primary, Intermediate and Secondary. Secondary is often called Open because it is Open to primary and intermediate players to enter instead of their own division. Don't do that. Only the best secondary players ever win the Open division.

    Information About the National Finals

    Helpful Advice

  • Chess Tips for Tournaments
  • Basic Chess Strategy


    Entry Fees

  • Team National Finals - this varies because some schools support their teams financially. You should be prepared to pay around $46 at most. If money is a problem talk to Wayne McDougall because if you are selected for the team we really want you to play if we can make it happen

    Online Play


    You need to be collecting all the equipment you need now. Your school will help if you ask and don't leave it until the last minute I strongly advise you to play online under teacher supervision, rather than playing at home. Although it does increase you risk of exposure to covid. It is much easier.

    Mt Roskill Campus Schools and Royal Oak Intermediate School

    Mt Roskill Primary has generously agreed to host in their Forum, and Mrs Fiona Burns from Mt Roskill Grammar has generously agreed to supervise players from all four of these schools.

    You need to meet at 0815, with your own device and charger and a packede lunch, outside the Mt Roskill Grammar School office reception. We expect to finish about 5pm.

    You should contact Mrs Burns and share your contact details and let her know you will be attending.

    One Tree Hill College

    Mr Ang has generously agreed to supervise your online play at school. You need to talk to him to confirm your arrangements and let him know you will be attending.

    Connecting and Practice

    We will be running sessions where we practice signing in and connecting to Tornelo. If you have not played on Tornelo before you should also play two practice games.

    There will be a session today (Thursday) at 6pm and tomorrow (Friday) at 6pm. Check back here for updated information


    Online play uses Tornelo which is similar to chess.com. Remember not to drag your pieces. Click on the piece you want to move and then click on the square where you want to finish. Games do not start until both players join the game.

    Important to understand that there are both LOGIN profiles (an email address) and PLAYER profiles. One login profile can have multiple player profiles atatched. A player profile can be connected to more than one login profile.

    You should make sure you can login to Tornelo. Go to tornelo.com and sign in. If you don't have a login, then create one.

    THEN if the player profile is not attached to you, the easiest way is to use a 6 character code to sign in.

    School Requirements



    Mt Roskill Primary and Royal Oak Intermediate only just qualified, and are unlikely to do well. If you have a family or sporting event planned for the Labour Weekend holiday, you should strongly consider doing that rather than playing chess. On the other hand, it may be your only chance to play in a National Championship event. The choice is yours. There are lots of people who will gladly take your place.

    Mt Roskill Intermediate, Mt Roskill Grammar and One Tree Hill College all have excellent chances of winning both the on-line and in-person tournaments, or at least winning medals. We would love to have you in the team so we can have the strongest team we can. But if you are unavailable due to some committment, that's OK. Just let me know immediately so your team place can be filled by someone else.

    Mt Roskill Primary School

    In person team: Rithwick Mahankali [Available], Ayush Prasad [Available], Jeridiya Arockiyaraj [Available], Adam Cudrak [Available], Vinit Shenoy [Available]

    Online team: Charan Gorantla [Available], Abigail Thomas [Available], Fabio Thankachan Thomas [Available], Vijay Mail Gopinath [Available], Arman Patel [Available]

    Unavailable: Thomas Croad

    The school has generously agreed to contribute $25 per player. So your costs will be about $25 each. Don't forget to let the school leadership team know your appreciation of support for chess.

    Royal Oak Intermediate School

    In person team: Tereaurahi Te Tini [Available], Jordan Cai [Available], Masini Tuitupou [Available], Max Glover [Available], Luke Nguyen [Available]

    Online team: Prince Tagarumalemana [Available], Archer Wylie [Available], Leo Keokotavong [Available], Taarak Dorle [Available], Tigiilagi Rankin [Available]

    Mt Roskill Intermediate School

    In person team: Daksh Bhatt [Available], Haidar Shariff [Available], Sanay Pai [Available], Santhosh Gowrikumar [Available], Yireh PoChing [Available], Arhaam Syed [Available], Jakhongir Ubaydullaev [Available], Shubhm Goswami [Available]

    Online team: Harit Panchal [Available], Krezden Rao [Availablle], Dev Kumar [Available], Zakariyya Esau [Available], Theo Briggs [Available], Terry Zhou [Available], Isaac Quach, Junior Pulupuna [Available]

    Unavailable: Malaika Chand, Hans Hansen

    Mt Roskill Grammar School

    In person team: Mantra Bhatt [Available[, Pranav Shenoy [Available], Abraham Chanwong [Available], Pratyush Khatiwada [Available], Nathan Carpendale [Available], Dean Saunders [Available], Ansh Trivedi [Available], Allie O'Callaghan [Available]

    Online team: Jiaming Tian [Available], Alex Thomson [Available], Hamish Thomson [Available], Maya Ali [Available], Shauryya Gupta [Available], Shahana Kulathungar [Available], Spike Murray [Available]

    Reserves: Lutfiya Zaima, Rekshan Fernando, Ahmed Asif

    Unavailable: Sourav Dhungel, Nate Glover, Josiah Filoa, Seaton Folau, Jotham Yu, George Maplesden, Leia Tuimaseve

    One Tree Hill College

    In person team: Yaswanth Sirivuri [Available], Yanbo (Dylan) Jin [Available], George Zhang [Available], Liam Abbott [Available], Tim Ced [Available], Pin Bun

    Online team: Tait Mcleod [Available], Jorge Pulido [Available], Jordan Coleman [Available], Darren Wong [Available], Jonty Grant [Available], Aanav Prasad [Available]

    Unavailable to play: Harry Quan, Jashan Girdhar, Noah Ganner
    Unavailable to play online: Anna Davis, Pin Bun