This page is for the caregivers of invited students to give permission for your child to attend the NZCF Auckland Chess Championships next Wednesday 10 August. The venue is Ellen Melville Centre, Freyburg Place, Auckland CBD. THe event starts at 9am and will finish by 2.30pm. Your child will be back at school by 3pm.

We are looking for volunteers to help with transport.

You child may be photographed and filmed while competing in accordance with NZ law.

The entry fee is $30. If this is a problem for you please pay what you can, including nothing.

Payment can be made online to School Chess Association, Westpac Account 03-1500-0082369-000 You can include your name as a reference.

If your child is sick on the day and cannot go you will get the full fee you paid refunded. You must text Wayne McDougall on 021669768 to notify him and also notify the school as you would for a sick day absence.


Child's First Name:
Child's Last Name:
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Date of birth:
Some chess competitions are for girls only.
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School class room number:
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Caregiver/Parent's Name(s):
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I can assist with transporting to Auckland CBD: passengers
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As an authorised caregiver, I give permission for my child to attend the chess tournament and to be transported by volunteers or contractors (Uber/Taxi):