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About the After School Chess Club

Every Thursday during term time after school from 3pm to 5pm SHARP we meet in the library. Your child does not need to attend every session, and we will not follow up on a child who is not present. Your child may arrive late and leave early. We will make sure children are collected by a caregiver the child recognises and we will make provisions for any child that is not picked up by 5pm. You will be liable for any costs incurred but we will try to make sure that doesn't happen.

If you arrange for your children to walk home after chess club, then you and your children are responsible for them getting home safely.

You and your child are responsible for seeing that the child attends the chess club. We plan for you to be able to check that your child is present by checking online.

In short, children are precious. We want to keep them safe. But we can't read minds or perform miracles. If they go walking off the shops when you told them to go to chess club, we don't know where they are. Your children and you need to be responsible. Having said that, Wayne McDougall has run after school chess at Hillsborough Primary School for 15 years, with the same policy, and it has not been a problem.

The club is run by FIDE National Instructor Wayne McDougall. You can contact him on mobile 021 669 768. But he may not reply immediately if he is busy training pupils.

This chess club is free. We may ask for a $10 donation (once for the year) to cover the cost of snacks. Please pack after school snacks for your child.

If your child does not know how to play chess, but wishes to learn we will teach them. They can start at any age.

Free Registration here

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Some chess competitions are for girls only.
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Your privacy is important

We want information about your child so we may

This information will only ever be used for school chess purposes. We collect birth dates as some chess competitions are divided into age groups.

You can contact us at any time to review and correct information we have stored about your child or to have that information removed.

Photos and video recordings may be taken of your children in accordance with New Zealand law. These photos may be used for promoting the school and chess. Photos and recordings may be taken of your children as they compete in chess competitions in public places run by other organisations.

What we are going to do

We're going to have fun playing chess and get better at chess.

We're going to enter chess competitions. There will often be entry fees. There may be transport costs. Some competitions are open to anyone. Some have restricted entries so we will choose our best players to attend. Attending outside competitions is not required but will make you better and give you a goal.

If the cost of competition is a problem for your family, you can discuss in private Mr McDougall. We don't want anyone with ability and determination to miss out because of the cost.

Our Values are Reflected in our Behaviour

Upcoming competitions

We plan to enter: Some of these are qualification events for other competitions.

We will post more details here as timetables for events are announced. Most of these have entry fees. They are all optional.