Mt Roskill Primary School

National Online Finals TOMORROW (Friday) 26 November You have been selected for the school chess team. You have to play from home.

Key Advice

  1. Go to bed on time tonight Thursday. Staying up latew playing chess will mean you play worse tomorrow.
  2. Go to the toilet between your rounds. Have snacks between rounds. You are not supposed to leave your chess playing station during a game. You can leave between rounds.
  3. You should wear school uniform
  4. Play slowly. Don't be overconfident when winning. Play carefully. No stalemates. If you are not checking the King, check that your opponent can move.
  5. Every game is important. Even if you have only won 2 games out of 8, your last game may decide whether your team gets medals. Don't get discouraged. Try to win as many games as you can.
  6. Don't do anything that might make someone think you are cheating. Don't talk to anyone else. Don't play chess games on your phone between rounds. No chess books out. Nothing.

    Do not cheat. I know none of you would cheat, but don't do anything even for fun or to be silly. Don't look at your phone or other devices while playing your games. Don't talk to other people or let people talk to you. Don't worry if you think the other person is cheating because they will be caught. You don't need to accuse them.

  7. If anything weird does happen, there is both the online chat and also a Call Arbiter button to click on

Key playing information

  1. You need to have a device that you can connect to zoom that will WATCH YOU PLAYING - showing both you and the screens you are playing on. So you may play on a laptop and have a tablet or phone that is filming you. This is to stop cheating.

    If you have a problem doing this you can borrow a loan device from the school first thing tomrrow morning. Conatct Wayne if you need any help.

  2. There are 9 rounds. Each player has 15 minutes, so games last a maximum of 30 minutes.
  3. The school has generously agreed to pay the $35 entry fee. Thank them some time.
  4. The online check and registration start form 8.30am with the first game starting at 10am. The last game will finish at 5.30pm.
  5. Your school has excused you from online/onsite lessons for Friday
  6. If there is more than one person playing in your house, you should be in separate rooms

Online Games

Most of you will have played on Tornelo before.

Used Tornelo Before

Haven't Used Tornelo Before

It's important we have a practice. First you need to create an account:
  • Go to this practice event and click on the button "Register Now"
  • If you already have a Tornelo login click on "Click here to sign in".
    Otherwise fill in the form and click on "Create Account" and follow the steps. Don't forget the password you choose!
  • Now you can choose your Player Name - if it is not already listed then
    1. Click "Add One Player" and then enter your first and last name, and then click on "Next Step"
    2. Click on "New Player Profile" and then click on "Finish"
    3. Now click on "Next Step"
    4. Choose "Junior"
    5. If Group/Team name is blank, type in "Mt Roskill Pri" and then you can click on "Mt Roskill Primary School" from the pop up list. Choose the one with the most entries.
    6. If estimated rating is blank, put in 600 and then
    7. Click on "Next Step"
    8. If blank, put in your contact phone number and click on "Next Step"
    9. Now choose "Pay later" and then click on "Confirm Entry". You should receive an email confirming your entry.
    10. It's pretty easy when you just do it. Please make the effort. Please contact Wayne McDougall if you have any issues.

      Then choose to check-in and we can practice playing some games online.

    Then On Friday: If you have any problems getting set up or connected contact Wayne McDougall Email or phone or text mobile 021669768

    ChessPower Information

    Upcoming competitions

    We plan to enter: Some of these are qualification events for other competitions.

    We will post more details here as timetables for events are announced. Most of these have entry fees. They are all optional. ->